Utilities and Government

The Thornhill area is rather unique when it comes to its municipal government.  Thornhill is split between two cities – Markham and Vaughan.  Each of these cities has a separate municipal government so depending upon where you live in Thornhill will determine which municipal government is responsible for your local services. Crestwood Springfarm Yorkhill is in the City of Vaughan.

City of Vaughan

This is a nice shot of Vaughan City Hall

Vaughan City Hall

The City of Vaughan is comprised of 5 major communities, Thornhill being one of them.  The City of Vaughan has 9 elected councilors and a mayor.  The council is elected to 4 year terms. Vaughan’s city council is responsible for passing and implementing city bylaws, collecting property tax, and the approval of permits and overall direction of all spending for city projects.

City of Markham

This is the beautiful Markham Civic Centre

The beautiful Markham Civic Centre

The City of Markham is made up of a mayor, 4 regional councilors and 8 councilors each representing an electoral ward.  The council is elected to 4 year terms.  Markham’s city council is responsible for passing and implementing city bylaws, setting tax rates and collecting property tax, and the approval of permits and licenses.

York Regional Municipality

The Regional Municipality of York consists of 9 separate municipalities, including Markham and Vaughan. All the municipalities under the York Region are organized into a two-tier structure.  Services such as public transit, water, emergency services and policing are handled by the York Region.  Other services such as garbage and waste disposal, local parks and libraries are the responsibility of each municipality.

Other services that are handled by the York Region include:

  • Court services.
  • Planning and economic development.
  • Solid waste and wastewater.

For more information about the York Regional Municipality and their services and responsibilities, please visit: https://www.york.ca/wps/portal/yorkhome.


Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste

Both the City of Vaughan and the City of Markham provide curbside garbage collection and run various recycling programs.  Both municipalities offer blue bin collection for a wide type of recyclables that include:

  • All glass jars/bottles and jugs.
  • All paper products.
  • Milk Cartons.
  • Aluminum foil/ trays/plates.

The green bin is for all organic materials such as:

  • Coffee grounds/filters/tea bags.
  • Paper towels and napkins.
  • Organics and animal waste.

For more information about the various recycling programs, pick up schedules and where you can get your blue and green bins, please visit:

Markham/Thornhill – https://www.markham.ca/wps/portal/Markham/Residents/RecyclingWaste

Vaughan/Thornhill – https://www.vaughan.ca/services/residential/solid_waste_management/Pages/default.aspx.

Property Taxes

The City of Vaughan’s property taxes help pay for a wide range of services and amenities that all of the residents of Thornhill Vaughan enjoy.  Some of these services include:

  • Public schools.
  • Parks and green spaces.
  • Snow removal
  • Libraries and community centres.

The City of Vaughan offers a wide range of ways to pay for your property taxes as well as various assistance programs.  For more details about when your property taxes are due, how they are determined or how to pay, please visit:


The City of Markham also collects property taxes, which help pay for the following services:

  • Garbage and Recycling programs.
  • Road, bridge and sidewalk maintenance and repair.
  • By law enforcement and licensing.

A full breakdown of your property tax bill and where your tax dollars are spent, as well as various assistance programs and ways to pay can be found at:



Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital is currently under construction with an expected completion date of 2019 and will serve Vaughan Thornhill in the future.  Additional full-service hospital facilities include:

  • Humber River Regional Hospital.
  • Brampton Civic Hospital.
  • Mackenzie Health in Richmond Hill.

The City of Markham is served by the Markham Stouffville Hospital and is in the far eastern end of the city.  Markham is also home to the Shouldice Hospital, which is renowned for its premier facilities for people suffering from hernias.

Important Numbers

Some important numbers to know in the Thornhill area are:

  • 911 – Emergency
  • 905-773-1221 – York Regional Police (non-emergency)
  • 905-883-1212 – Mackenzie Health York Hospital
  • 905-830-4444 – York Region Community and Health Services

A Unique Community in the Heart of Ontario

Both municipal governments (Markham and Vaughan) provide excellent services to the Thornhill community.  The bold visions of these municipalities combined with their proximity to Toronto have made Thornhill a very sought after area.  If you have been looking for that perfect combination of services and amenities in a welcoming neighbourhood setting, then Thornhill is for you.

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