Tips for a Successful Open House

A well-organized and well-planned open house is a great way to showcase and create interest in your home.  In fact, one in every five homes sells because of a successful open house.  As the premier real estate agent for homes for sale in Thornhill, I would like to share the following ways for you to enjoy the benefits of an open house.

Spread the Word

Any successful open house begins far before the first visitor is welcomed.  The amount of legwork and advertising done prior to the actual open house will greatly determine how successful your open house is. 

Here’s the deal:

The more advertising I do and the variety of mediums that I use, the more interested buyers will be attracted to your open house.

Just some of the things I do to spread the word about your open house include:

  • Social media – using Facebook and even Twitter to create hype around your open house.
  • Online – advertising on a variety of real estate websites and include important dates on your real estate profile.
  • Canvas the neighbourhood – Put out flyers with your address, date and time of your open house strategically in and around your neighbourhood.  You may be surprised with the amount of interest that is generated from this old-fashioned way of advertising.

Prepare your Home

Preparation is key to a prosperous open house.  Make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned your home and it is well staged.  Some other details that make for an effective open house include:

  • Remove all vehicles from your driveway and if possible keep parking spaces open in front of your home.  This will provide another layer of convenience that will be much appreciated by any potential buyer.
  • Turn on the lights in your house and open the curtains and blinds.  Light will not only open up your rooms, it will give the illusion of a larger space.
  • Provide your open house with that extra touch by adding a vase of flowers in your bathroom and kitchen.  Another noticeable added touch is a tasteful kitchen table centerpiece.

Go the Extra Mile

One final touch that is sure to set your open house apart from others is by providing all visitors a coloured brochure highlighting some of your selling features as well as pertinent information such as:

  • Your home’s square footage.
  • The year your home was built and the developer, if applicable.
  • Any major renovations or restorations that you or a contractor have done.

These tips will make your open house a success and help you attract a wider audience of potential home buyers.  If you are interested in other tips on how to host a successful open house or have been thinking about listing your home on Thornhill’s real estate market, please contact me today.  I would love to be a part of your sales team and look forward to working with you soon.

Prior to our meeting, I will send you a copy of my Smart Seller System which should answer this and many other questions.

Let’s Talk

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