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As a Crestwood Springfarm Yorkhill and Thornhill real estate expert, I can provide important insights into a range of information topics so you can make an informed decision. You'll find links below to many pages with information about this wonderful area of the GTA.

Crestwood Springfarm Yorkhill is a quiet and thriving area of Thornhill starting on the north side of Steeles Ave West.  It is home to people of several different ethnicities, but it is mostly a Jewish area.  Although there is a large and popular catholic school and churches in the area, you will mostly find different types of synagogues such as Chabad and Beth Abraham Yosef of Toronto Congregation, as well as several others of different denominations.

You’re always within walking distance of synagogues, kosher restaurants and Jewish shops.  You will also find several other types of restaurants such as Indian, Chinese, Korean, etc.

There are quite a few Jewish private schools as well as public schools in the area.

Springfarm Yorkhill street

There are many different sides and feel to Crestwood Springfarm Yorkhill. You will find different residential properties ranging from:

  1. Condos at Steeles & Bathurst or at Clark & Hilda Ave, and at Clark & Yonge.
  2. Townhouses in areas such as Townsgate Dr. or Yonge & Clark.
  3. Houses of all sizes all around the neighbourhood.
  4. Majestic large homes on and around Arnold Ave. or very near there.

There are also many commercial properties such as stores, restaurants, offices, doctor and dentist offices, gas stations, etc.

A beautiful Thornhill street of condos
The community you live in is just as important as the home you buy. That’s why I’m committed to helping you make the right choice.

Getting to Know Crestwood Springfarm Yorkhill and Thornhill

  • Highway 407, the fastest moving and least congested highway in the GTA is less than five minutes north of Promenade Mall. Within walking distance from the mall, you can reach several condo buildings, houses of different price ranges, parks, ponds, schools (public and private), restaurants, Walmart, and more.
  • The Promenade Mall is the centre shopping area. It’s just two minutes north of Toronto.
  • There are two large Community Centres and both are less than five minutes away from the Promenade Mall area. The photo below is of the North Thornhill Community Centre. These community centres have arenas, large swimming pools, gyms, as well as activities and classes for all ages. More about Thornhill Community Centres here. North Thornhill Community Centre
  • Home Depot and Mackenzie Health hospital are about 10 minutes away in Richmond Hill. Tim Hortons is a five minute drive in any direction (aren’t they all?) and my house is a 15 minute stroll from the Promenade Mall. A golf course and Ski Centre is less than a 10 minute drive to the Uplands Ski Centre and Golf Club.

Thornhill was originally designed as a “walkable Jewish neighborhood.” Although the street layout is also “auto-friendly,” the chief city-design concepts were to make it possible to get anywhere needed by walking from anywhere in the neighborhood. In fact, the planning commission knew they were going to build such a neighborhood 20 years before they actually broke ground.

They designed the neighborhood to have kosher grocery stores, kosher restaurants, synagogues, and healthcare options within just minutes’ walk of each part of the neighborhood. Jewish people, especially Orthodox Jews, have strict laws about the Sabbath. From a few minutes before sundown on Friday night until three stars appear on Saturday night, those who are shomershabbat refrain from driving, riding public transportation, and cooking, among other things.

More on the Intersection of the Jewish Religion and Urban Planning

Having a centrally located synagogue in Thornhill was one of the cornerstones of the area’s plan. One of the most important considerations when a Jewish family looks for a residence is that it be near a synagogue.

Thornhill’s Beginning as the Jewish Centre of Toronto

Ground was broken for the BAYT synagogue in 1981. The community began to transform around this central location almost immediately upon its completion in 1982. Jewish luminaries like Joseph Tanenbaum and Rabbi Baruch Taub oversaw the building of community centres. These men spearheaded the drive to create a close-knit Jewish community in Thornhill. Indeed, even the newspapers of the time proclaimed the convenience of the new community.

I also like the fact that the BAYT is a rarity in the Jewish community. As a synagogue it welcomes Ultra-Orthodox, Modern Orthodox, Chasidic, and even non-observant members all at the same time. That makes it the ultimate “community centre.”

Speaking of Community Centres

The Garnet Williams Community Centre provides Thornhill with a safe space to congregate and exercise and participate in many athletic activities. I like to root for my favorite local hockey teams and to swim laps in their beautiful, warm pool. The slogan for this centre is “Refresh, Renew, Reactivate.” The centre’s rental facility is terrific too. If you’d like to know more about this centre, give me a call.

The Thornhill Community Centre provides many of the same features and amenities. It has a pool, ice rink, and a collection of community rooms and meeting rooms for all sorts of functions. The chief difference here is that the Thornhill Community Centre has a dedicated youth space and many more youth-oriented programs than other centres in the area. I’ve taken my own kids there over the last 25 years.

Despite the youth-oriented nature of the centre’s programs, the Thornhill Community Centre also provides exceptional activities for seniors. The Thornhill Seniors Club sponsors more than 90 activities weekly and holds dances and barbecues occasionally throughout the year.

The North Thornhill Community Centre has a pool that is half the official Olympic size. The modern facilities and amenities of this centre are well worth a visit.


I enjoy the 80,000 lending items at the Thornhill Community Centre Branch of the public library. Wi-Fi available. 

The Thornhill Village branch is just cute. Its collection is less than half the size of the Community Centre Branch, but its picturesque surroundings offer fine places to curl up with a book both inside the library itself or on its grounds.


During the week, I enjoy the many restaurants in the Thornhill.

I love pastries, so Grodzinski’s bakery is on my regular list. They’re nut free as well as kosher. So, you can buy treats for your friends without worrying about triggering a dangerous allergy. If I’m hankering for a knish, I head to the Knish Deli Market on Centre Street in Thornhill.

Mediterranean Cuisine

I also adore falafel and other Mediterranean cuisine. Tov Li has been making kosher Mediterranean food for longer than I’ve been living here. Their falafel is superb. Their pizza is good as well. Should you wish it, they even have kosher pizza every day that separates the cheese and other milk-based ingredients.

When I’m north of Steeles Avenue, I like to sample the shawarma at Ba-Li-Laffa. The rest of their menu is great, but the shawarma is something special. Man does not live by chicken and kugel alone. It’s kind of pricey, but it is COR-certified and super-tasty. The service is equally impeccable.

Other Cuisines

Thornhill is a cosmopolitan neighborhood. You’ll find restaurants for every palate. Santorini offers up Greek staples in a friendly atmosphere. If Asian food is more your cup of Green Tea, so to speak, then the Zen Japanese Restaurant and the Cho Sun OK Korean Restaurant beckon invitingly. I didn’t think I would like the cold noodles at Cho Sun OK. Boy, was I wrong. They’re sensational. For Authentic Chinese food, there is Congee Wong. The sesame chicken is to die for.

For a bit more rough-and-ready fare, the Golden Star Diner is a neighborhood staple. It’s been serving cold drinks, fresh-cut fries, and terrific hamburgers for more than 50 years. My kids love it. Remember that it’s cash-only, though.

When it comes to fine dining, Terra fits the bill. The restaurant is reputed to have Ontario’s best wine cellar.TripAdvisor rates it one of the top restaurants in Thornhill. Another top dining experience in the area is The Octagon. It’s a steakhouse that uses all manner of locally sourced ingredients. Give me a call sometime, and we can rave about their blue-rare T-bones together.

Culture in the Thornhill Area

If you enjoy theatre and love music as much as I do, you’ll be happy to find it in Thornhill. Since 2017 the International Musical Arts Festival takes place at different locations throughout the area. Musicians from all over the world come to play. There are seasoned pros, dashing prodigies, and talented amateurs. Everyone gets a chance to showcase talent.

Professional soloists and groups play all the time at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. The Centre also engages speakers, philosophers, and activists to give educational talks and seminars. You could see a jazz concert one night, a symphony orchestra the next, and hear an erudite talk about wrongful convictions in Canada the night after that.

The Charactors Theatre Troupe offers children the opportunity to develop their musical theatre chops. They can audition at the beginning of the summer and participate in productions all summer long, as well as in the fall. I always marvel at how successful the troupe’s alumni are in television and movies.

While the Charactors Theatre Troupe is for kids, the City Playhouse Theatre in Vaughan is for adults. The Theatre hosts shows, concerts, and other events throughout the year. This year, 2019, "Take it Easy: The Story of the Eagles" will play in September, and "Motown Gold" will play in October.

If you've got musical chops yourself, the Thornhill Community Band provides an opportunity for amateur musicians to get together and create music together. In 2019, none of the rehearsals or concerts take place on the Sabbath, so you can have great fun making music.

Expanding Mass Transit

Thornhill is modernizing itself with the development and building of a Dedicated Rapidway for Viva vehicles along Centre Street, Bathurst Street, and Highway 7 West.

The idea is that Viva drivers will have safer left turns and will be able to make protected U-Turns. Viva vehicles will be insulated from all other drivers. They will run every two to five minutes to help reduce congestion during morning and afternoon commutes. The system will be completed in full by 2020. The Thornhill portion of the system will be finished in December 2019. Highway 7 West in Vaughan is already complete.

This will be advantageous if you plan to sell your home and live near one of the new Rapidways. The cost of maintaining a car in the GTA is exorbitant, particularly if you figure in a monthly cost for parking. Many people seeking homes will want to be next to reliable mass transit.

The new bus system will supplement the existing buses, subways, and GO trains in an effort to improve transit time in the GTA. The interconnection will be a vast improvement. I can't wait to take my first ride.

Other Attractions

Sugarbush Heritage Park is a lovely, quiet place to take a stroll. The walk is an easy 2.4 km on mostly flat ground. My kids love the playground, but the park is unlit. Therefore, it's better to go during the day. There are restrooms in the park too.

Canada's Wonderland

Canada's Wonderland is one of the biggest attractions during the summer.

Pleased to Meet You

I've been involved in real estate my whole life. I buy, sell, lease, and manage properties all over the GTA, not just in Thornhill. Thornhill is special to me, however. I enjoy walking everywhere. I like the fact that it's less than 20 km from the downtown Toronto financial district. I love exchanging smiles with passersby and friendly handshakes with acquaintances and friends.

I talked about a bunch of restaurants above, and I'll share "my little secret" with you now. Do you know the Centre Street Delicatessen? Try their eggs and salami. You'll be back. I guarantee it. I've reared my children in Thornhill, and although I've only lived here since 1987, I consider it to be my home of homes.

I like to get involved with charities in my area. I donate on a regular basis to Habitat for Humanity so that people who are less fortunate than I may have a place to furnish and live. I tend to get involved in community activities. I coached hockey and association football, known in North America as soccer.

I’m on Your Side

I advocate for the people who buy and sell property with me because that's how I would want to be served if the situation were reversed.

I give every new client 1 percent cash back on any real estate purchase. That’s a guarantee.

I try to keep things low-key and casual. I'm more at home hashing things out over a cup of coffee than sitting down at a 12-foot, solid-teak table but I have a reputation of being able to negotiate with the best of them. That's also a guarantee. If you call me up, we can chat about it sometime.

World-Class Service With a Smile

Whether you plan to buy or sell, I'll look out for your best interests. If you're buying, I will find properties for you that most closely fit your needs. If you're selling, I'll make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. In all aspects of any transaction, I maintain open, forthright communication. After all, it's either your property now or will be very soon, and you deserve to have all relevant information as soon as it becomes available.

So, let's grab that cup of coffee and talk a little shop. Even if all we do is talk, that's all right with me. I love meeting new people and making new friends. That's part of what makes Thornhill such a lovely town. We're all friends.

Let’s Talk

If we haven’t already met I’d be happy to buy you a cup of coffee and talk about how I can be of service. Call 416-576-6656 now or use this short form. I’m Sol Kahane.

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***Crestwood Springfarm Yorkhill and Thornhill Photography by Elena Berdova