The One That DIDN'T Get Away!

My son and I went on a much deserved vacation to Mexico where something really unexpected happened. I have shared this story with my friends and now I’m sharing it with the rest of the world.

Although my son and I enjoyed our various excursions, I decided to write about one specific excursion which I will never forget. Deep sea fishing, but with a twist.

More than just a day in paradise

We charted a fishing boat off the Mayan Riviera. They took us over an hour from the coast to a vast area where we might have better luck at catching large fish such as marlin or tuna. Sitting at the back of the fishing boat where the fishing rods were safely secured to the boat, we chatted and drank a beer or two.

The decision was made without much thought

After casting the lines a number of times, we finally caught something on one of our lines. While working hard to reel it in, we saw it jump above the water and it was immediately identified as a sailfish. It turned out to be a 150 pound sailfish that would take us an hour and a half to reel in.

Within the first 30 minutes of pulling and reeling, the captain, a very tanned, short, stalky Mexican, came up to me and explained that just a few minutes earlier, another fishing boat sent out a unique call to all other fishing boats in the general area. In that boat was a 5 year old girl with Down Syndrome who, along with her family, had been trying to catch a similar fish for days.

While taking turns reeling in the biggest fish I had ever caught and without giving it a thought to the entire process, I blurted out "she can have this one!". I then began to wonder how that would work, but the captain had already gone to radio the other boat.

After a total of about 90 minutes of reeling in the magnificent fish, and with aching arms, the sailfish was safely onboard our boat. That’s when we quickly fumbled with our phones to capture the moment with a photo or two, then safely and slowly lowered the sailfish into the ocean to keep it alive and healthy for the girl to reel in, all the while the fish was still hooked to the line as we held the rod.

What the heck does this have to do with real estate?

The other boat appeared in site in about 10 minutes and after a few more minutes, it was facing the back of our boat where we, our rods and the fish were. A crew member of our boat held out the rod as far as he could reach towards the oncoming boat while a crew member of the other boat climbed to the front of their boat, grabbed the rod and ran to the back of their boat where the fishing was being done.

I stood there staring at the boat as it pulled away as quickly as it had arrived and imagining how they would pretend to catch the prize fish in order to make the little girl happy. A second or two later, I noticed that the captain was standing next to me also staring out at the other boat. Within what felt like seconds, that boat was gone (along with the rod and reel).

It was quiet for quite a while until the captain finally suggested we now try to catch smaller fish for lunch.

I called my wife later that day and told her about my day. I also told her that I should write a blog about this, to which she replied “what the heck does this have to do with real estate?”

Are you kidding me? It has so much to do with what I do! It’s like the saying “it takes a village”.  For example, I place calls myself when I list a home.  I know there’s a much better chance of even higher success when I call out to a good professional photographer, and when required, a trusted staging expert or even a specialist for a smooth drone footage.

And how many times had someone tried to do something on their own without success? Like selling their own home by themselves and missing out on an entire pool of potential buyers willing to offer a higher price. Getting a REALTOR® is like putting out that call to other boats.

I’m not making light of what took place on that boat in Mexico. I felt and still feel that it was one of those rare events which we, as a group, jumped at the opportunity to make someone happy. And in that same spirit, and as always, my offer to assist in any way I can still stands or to answer questions without obligation. Whether the property is located in Springfarm, Yorkhill, Thornhill or the GTA, let’s discuss it over a cup of coffee and I might even tell you my scuba diving story too :)