Is Summer a Good Time to Buy a Property in Crestwood Springfarm Yorkhill?

The summer has finally arrived in Crestwood Springfarm Yorkhill.  Not only is this the best of the four seasons, chocked full of activities, picnics and vacations, summer is also the perfect time to buy your dream home.  As your premier agent specializing in Crestwood Springfarm Yorkhill real estate, I would like to share the following tips on buying the perfect home in the summer.   

More to Choose From

The biggest reason to buy a home in the summer is the increased selection of homes available on the real estate market.  Both buyers and sellers alike seem keener on listing and buying homes in the summer.  This is likely attributed to the following factors:

  • The summer is a more flexible time of the year for many people with less structured activities and schedules.  The kids are out of school, more people tend to take holidays, etc.
  • Longer and warmer days mean people are ready to get outside.  The weather allows interested parties to view more homes in a day.

If you have a long list of must-haves for your perfect home or want to be choosier, then the summer is the time for you to buy a home.  Increased inventory means a better selection and thus a better chance of you checking all the boxes on your must-have list.

Be Prepared

Increased volume combined with nicer weather and more flexible schedules brings more competition to the Crestwood Springfarm Yorkhill real estate market.  You will not be the only one interested in finding your dream home this summer.  It is important to be pre-approved for your mortgage and be ready to put an offer in very quickly if you see something you like.  The quicker you can put in an offer, the better the chance you have of getting the property without getting into a bidding war.

Know your Days

One way you may be able to get your dream home at a discount this summer is by looking at the number of days that a particular property has been on the market.  If a property has been on the market for over 60 days, chances are the seller is going to be willing to negotiate and want to make a deal.

It’s all Cyclical

All markets are cyclical, including the real estate market. Single family homes often parallel the school season, so chances are the sellers will want to complete a deal before the start of school.  They will want to be settled in their new home before September.  Townhouses and apartments follow other cycles as they are often owned by young professionals.

Pick the Right Agent

The right real estate agent is someone who understands the idiosyncrasies of the local market and has a vast knowledge of the area and its neighbourhoods.  Your real estate agent should also have years of experience and be able to help you not only find your dream home but also help you negotiate the best deal. 

These tips will allow you to buy your dream home this summer.  If you are interested in other helpful tips or would like to view some of the new and exciting properties that are available this summer in Crestwood Springfarm Yorkhill, please contact me today.  I look forward to working with you soon.