Get your Fireplace Ready for Winter

A crackling fireplace is an excellent way to keep yourself warm this winter.  Regardless of whether you have a wood burning fireplace or a gas one, proper maintenance is an important step for efficiency as well as safety.  As the premier real estate agent for homes for sale in Thornhill, here are some tips on how to get your fireplace ready for the winter.

Wood Burning

Wood heat is a great way to either heat your home or supplement your heating bill and enjoy the ambiance of a fire on a cold winter evening.  Before lighting your first fire, ensure that you have cleaned your chimney.  Make sure to hire a professional as they have the proper equipment, understand the entire procedure and will ensure that a thorough job has been done.

Here’s the Deal:

It is so important to remove the creosote buildup in your chimney yearly to prevent chimney fires or a clogged chimney.

Some other maintenance jobs that you can complete yourself include:

  • Vacuum or sweep the ashes from the bottom of your stove or fireplace. Removing ashes will allow you to enjoy a hotter fire.
  • Check all doors to make sure they freely open and close and that they seal properly.
  • Inspect the damper to ensure that it opens and closes easily.

A properly maintained fireplace or wood stove will not only provide an excellent source of heat, it will also keep you and your family safe this winter.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are quickly becoming the preferred source of additional heat in many homes in Thornhill.  They are efficient and, in many ways, a more convenient alternative to wood burning fireplaces.  However, annual maintenance and inspection is crucial to ensure all components are working properly and the gas fireplace is safe.

Book a qualified technician to inspect the ignition system and pilot light.  Have your damper and venting system as well as all connections thoroughly looked at for any leaks and for secure connections.

There are some tasks that you can do to ensure that your gas fireplace is in excellent condition this winter.  These include:

  • Vacuuming out the firebox to clear any cobwebs or other debris that may clog the gas ports.
  • Checking the doors and other connections for a proper seal and proper operation.
  • Cleaning the logs in the fireplace to remove any dust or other flammable materials.


If you smell gas or notice a leak or poor connection turn the fireplace off immediately and call a professional technician to diagnose and correct the problem.

Regardless of whether you own a gas or wood burning fireplace, this additional source of heat is a great way to keep the cold away this winter.  Make sure that your fireplace is up for the challenge by following these helpful tips.  If you would like more information about fireplace maintenance or are interested in some of the new and exciting real estate options that are available in Thornhill, please contact me today.