5 Qualities of a Good Neighbour

If you want good neighbours you must become one yourself. A good relationship with your neighbours and a community-oriented locality makes home ownership that much more rewarding. As the premier real estate agent for homes for sale in Thornhill, I would like to share these five qualities of a good neighbour.

Help Out

Be the neighbour that is willing to lend a helping hand. Your kindness will go a long way and form strong bonds. Random acts of kindness that will have your neighbours singing your praise include:
• Mowing their lawn if they are away.
• Shoveling their driveway, especially after a large snowfall.


Like any relationship, communication is important. This goes further than just idle chit-chat and saying hi from time to time. Make sure to include your neighbours in conversations about troublesome trees or other concerns on either property. Try to reach an agreement that both parties are happy with and always keep the conversation positive.

Fences are shared property and should be discussed regardless of whether you are fixing them, replacing them or painting them.


Be respectful of your neighbours and your neighbourhood always. For example:
• If you are hosting a party, let your neighbours know ahead of time and turn down the music at a reasonable hour.
• Leave parking out front of your neighbours home. Have your friends and family park elsewhere, especially if there is limited parking.
• Never gossip about neighbours or other people in your neighbourhood. Instead, try to form positive relationships with the people in your community.

Clean Up

Tidy your yard and never leave garbage or other junk scattered around. If you are landscaping, bag and dispose of any yard trimmings or branches, leaves etc. Keep your garbage and recycling bins out of sight by storing them on the side of your house or in your garage.

Maintain Your Home

A well-maintained home not only helps to make your neighbourhood that much more attractive, it will also increase your home’s overall value. Make sure to paint your house every few years and maintain your roof and gutters.

It is also important to keep your lawn well-manicured and remember to mow it at least every two weeks. Try to keep your walkway and driveway free of debris and be a good neighbour by keeping up the general appearance of your home. Nothing may draw the ire quicker in your neighbourhood than a neglected home with disrespectful owners.

By following these guidelines, you should make a great impression in your neighbourhood and be the person that everyone wants to live beside. If you are interested in looking at some of the exciting new real estate options that are available in Thornhill’s many neighbourhoods, please contact me today. I look forward to working with you soon.