3 ways to Cut your Renovation Costs

Sometimes your dream house needs just a few changes or added touches to become your dream home.  Unfortunately, these changes can add up and quickly put you over your original budget.  As the premier real estate agent for homes for sale in Thornhill, I would like to offer you these tips on how you can cut your renovation costs and stick to your original home budget.

Stick to the Plan

One of the most common renovations is a full scale bathroom renovation.  It is quite easy to get carried away with this type of renovation and quite often, the entire floor plan of the bathroom is part of the overall vision.  Unfortunately, a new floor plan not only comes with a huge cost attached to it, but reconfiguring the plumbing can also lead to unwanted problems such as leaks or space issues.

If a bathroom renovation is a must for your new home, I suggest that you change everything, but the original floor plan.  Go ahead and replace the toilet, sink and tub, but make sure to leave the plumbing where it is – this will not only save you money, it may also save you many headaches.

Spare the Expenses

The costs associated with each renovation item can quickly snowball out of control.  Look to save money wherever possible and try to avoid name brand items or products as they are often overpriced.  If you can find a similar product at a lesser cost, consider using it – granite or marble kitchen countertops can be swapped out for other quality products.

Spend on items or features that are going to be major focal points such as a tiled kitchen backsplash or a piece of wall art.  Items such as cabinets, cupboards and drawers should be of a high quality as they are going to undergo a lot of use over the years.

Work with What you Have

Sometimes instead of a costly renovation, all you need is a new perspective or look.  Some great ways to achieve this transformation and save money include:

  • Changing the lighting. You may be surprised at the difference lighting can make, especially if your goal was to try to make the room larger.
  • A fresh coat of paint. Hire an interior designer and allow them to show you some different colour patterns and schemes.  This may help transform your room.
  • Repaint the trim of your bedroom doors, and other doors in your home.
  • Refinish the kitchen cupboards.

These renovation tips will save you money and help you stay within your household budget.  If you would like any other renovation cost saving measures or are interested in some of the new and exciting real estate options that abound in Thornhill, please contact me today.  I look forward to seeing you soon.