Common Selling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them – Part 2

When it comes to selling your home, avoiding a wide range of common mistakes is so important if you want a quick sale at full market value.  As your premier agent specializing in the Springfarm Yorkhill real estate market, I would like to follow up the previous blog with more common selling mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Price it Right

In order to attract a wide range of buyers, you will need to price your home right.  A common selling mistake is overvaluing your home which will only keep it on the market for longer, thus delaying your sale.  The best way to properly price your home is to look at similar homes that are for sale or have recently sold in your area and neighbourhood. 

Here’s the Deal:

By comparing your home to these homes and working with your real estate agent, you should be able to competitively price your home and sell it at market value.   

Go with a Pro

A huge mistake many sellers make is trying to sell their home on their own.  Without employing the skills of a real estate agent, you risk either leaving money on the table or keeping your home on the market for far too long. Either scenario is not ideal.  A real estate agent will help you with the following important steps when selling your home:

  • Organize and orchestrate open houses and private showings.
  • Help you with your online portfolio as well as setting a competitive asking price for your home.
  • Deal with the paperwork that can get confusing.
  • Network with other agents to attract as many potential buyers as possible. 

Meet in the Middle

Another common selling mistake is refusing to negotiate with a prospective buyer.  Unfortunately, not every sale ends up in a bidding war between buyers.  Sometimes you will have to be willing to negotiate and meet somewhere in the middle if you want to sell your home.  As a seller, you should take every offer seriously, even the low-ball ones.  Remember, it is only an offer and you can counter-offer or refuse it.  If you want to sell your home quickly, look at every offer with an open mind.   

These commons selling mistakes are easily avoidable with the right agent to guide you through the selling process.  If you would like more information on this topic or are interested in selling your home on the Springfarm Yorkhill real estate market, please contact me today.  I would love to help you sell your home and look forward to working with you soon.